The Harry Hill Movie

Year: 2013
Duration: 1h 28min
IMDb: 3.6
Genres: Musical, Comedy
Country: UK
Under the mistaken impression that his pet hamster, Abu, is ill Harry Hill and his Nan (Julie Walters) take him to the vet, who wrongly gives them the tragic news that Abu has one week to live. Harry, who thinks he speaks fluent hamster (but, in fact, misunderstands every squeak that comes out of his little pal&#39s mouth), incorrectly thinks Abu&#39s dying wish is a trip to Blackpool. With Nan making three, the trio embark on a road trip to the seaside town. Unbeknownst to them, the Vet is actually the dirty rotten henchman of Harry&#39s evil twin brother Otto (Matt Lucas), who was raised separately by Alsatians. Addicted to Hula-Hoops and fueled by revenge, Otto&#39s nefarious plot is to kidnap Abu and make him the centerpiece of the plastinated hamster world he&#39s creating in his evil lair. Can Harry and Nan stop Otto before it&#39s too late?